About Us

Life is full of choices. And Dubai was a deliberate and conscious one that I made. In hindsight, it was like manna from heaven. A place that took me into its fold. And gave me much more that I could ever have dreamt of.

Is there anything more that I could have ever asked for?

Think about it. Friends who have become brethren, over the years. An elevated standard of living, on par with the best in the world. A support structure and a safety net comprising of financial stability and the wherewithal to save money. To be able to send money back home with a sense of perpetuity. A special status and privilege accorded to us in our native place, because we come from the land of aplenty. To help us weather many a storm because of the financial impetus that this place has given us.

Dubai, a place where I ceased to exist but learnt to live. And how.

Indeed, Dubai has given us a lot. For many the dream of a better life has come true. Dreams made real by the vision of Dubai’s rulers who continue to make the impossible, possible. Just look around and you will see a city that throbs with life, day or night, world class infrastructure, a highly competent law and order force and a thriving business and trading community. If that is not impressive enough, another look will confirm that all the biggest names in industry, finance, retail and leisure are based in Dubai too.


Not to say the least, an iconic skyline that includes the tallest edifice in the world, a brand new metro rail system and a mega airport terminal. Each of which has unveiled itself in front of your eyes, on the back of promises made and kept by Dubai. They have all been made possible because Dubai believes in you, just like you believe in Dubai.


Call yourself a Dubaian, Dubaiite or Dubaiwallah! Remember, today you are what you are because you chose to build a life in Dubai, where your future is on the crest of a great wave. To take you and Dubai to dizzying heights. And pay it back in equal measure.


It is time for us to voice our sentiments.
Collectively. In unison.
Come join us to declare it as one…
My Dubai. My Home.